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3 Benefits of Onsite Maintenance for Commercial and Construction Vehicles

Businesses can benefit greatly by partnering with an onsite maintenance company for their commercial and construction vehicles. This is to ensure your heavy equipment runs without fail. Whether you are a small business with one commercial vehicle or a large corporation with a fleet of trucks or marine equipment, Done-Right Services comes to you and repairs it right. Consider these 3 benefits of working with us. Our mechanics work with vehicles used in construction, farming, railway, marine, and transport. We inspect, repair, and maintain everything! Whether it is a boxcar on a rail or a crane in the air, Done-Right Services can reach it. Your top performance vehicles will run at their peak performance.

Scheduled and preventive maintenance programs

Done-Right Services offers companies scheduled and preventative maintenance programs for commercial and industrial vehicles. This is to ensure that your commercial vehicles and fleet don’t break down in the middle of a job. Done-Right Services will schedule your maintenance at a time that is most convenient for you. We open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Each of your commercial and construction vehicles or heavy equipment will receive full and professional assessments and reports. Whether they require weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance, rest assured Done-Right Services will keep your company running like clockwork.

Onsite lube truck

As part of our regular maintenance programs, your vehicles will receive onsite lube. We offer day or night programs and will keep your motors running regardless of your schedule. Done-Right Services uses the highest performance diesel engine oil brands. Regular lube service and scheduled maintenance programs will improve your vehicles’ fuel economy, minimize your company’s downtime, and ultimately, your operating costs. We’re Windsor Essex and Chatham Kent’s 24-Hour heavy equipment roadside service. Hauling your equipment is half the battle and with Done-Right Services, you won’t have to.

Same day service

Finding same-day service for your broken-down commercial and construction vehicles in the middle of a job is nearly impossible. Time lost is money lost. Not with Done-Right Services! Contact us when you’re broken down and we fix it right, the same day, guaranteed! Your company will benefit greatly from this partnership. From cars and trucks to heavy construction equipment, Done-Right Services does it right, onsite repairs or at our own shop and at your location.

Done Right Services s a proud ARI Approved vendor, maintaining and repairing all types of vehicles and equipment. We offer Ministry of Transportation out of service repairs (Scales & Roadside), onsite computer diagnostics and programming, and forced regens & towing services. Scheduled maintenance will allow you to avoid costly breakdowns, increase your company’s uptime, and maximize your vehicle’s performance. Looking forward to keeping you on the road. Contact Done-Right Services today at our office (519) 734 6488, 24 hours (519) 796 5248, or by email

Photo: Maarten (Pexels)

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