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After-Hours Breakdown of Heavy Equipment

Your managing a job that requires heavy equipment. This is quite a large job and you suddenly experience equipment breakdown. It’s after hours, actually the middle of the night, and your supervisor expects this job completed by 8 am. Who could you call in a crunch like this? Consider what you need first. What repair service would be open at this time of night that would be able to come to you? You need 24-hour roadside assistance with diagnostics technology available to you and the service to be fast and reliable to ultimately reduce your company’s downtime.

Your Equipment Breakdown

When heavy equipment breaks down, it can be caused by many different mechanical issues. You need a company that knows the ins and outs of machinery. Not only that, but this repair service must also be able to fix onsite fast and efficiently. This is why onsite computer diagnostics and programming has become so important in the repair industry. Let’s explore the new reliance on it.

Computer diagnostics and programming

Most mechanics today rely heavily on computer diagnostics and programming equipment. Heavy equipment programming tools are becoming an essential part of the repair world. Being able to diagnose heavy equipment breakdown onsite is crucial as large vehicles can’t easily or quickly be hauled into garage sites. Also, when they breakdown, they are usually on the job. This is why roadside assistance and repair is imperative.

Roadside Assistance and Repair

A company that offers roadside assistance is crucial to heavy equipment operators. Done-Right Services comes to you in time of need for all of your heavy equipment roadside repairs. ​When soot builds up inside a diesel particulate filter, a forced regen occurs and the vehicle becomes inoperable. The vehicle driver needs to begin a cleaning process taking up to an hour losing precious time.

24-hour service

Another essential service for heavy equipment operators is to be able to rely on 24-hour repair service. This is because some companies don’t always operate 9 to 5. Done-Right Services has 2 numbers, the office and the 24-hour number which they gladly provide to heavy equipment operators that need their service. Be sure to contact us at 519 796 5248.

Reduce Your Downtime

Companies are always fighting the clock and looking for ways to reduce their downtime. Having an onsite maintenance plan in place for your heavy equipment or commercial vehicles will achieve just that and make your company run much more efficiently. Done-Right Services would love to help you choose a plan that’s right for your company.

Done-Right Services

Your proud ARI approved vendor, Done-Right Services, is here for you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. ARI (Automotive Resources International) is a long-time, trusted organization. They proudly offer roadside assistance focusing on breakdowns of heavy equipment, trucks, and fleet vehicle. Done-Right Services diagnoses and repairs all vehicles and heavy equipment in Windsor Essex and Chatham Kent.​ We also offer MTO (Ministry of Transportation) out of service repairs (Scales & Roadside), onsite computer diagnostics and programming, and forced regens & towing services.

Contact us today for an onsite maintenance plan package and breakdown. We would love to keep you up and running.

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