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Hydraulic Diagnostic and Repair - Done Right, Onsite, The First Time!

Hydraulic systems are complex by nature, so diagnosing problems can take time. A correct diagnosis the first time will ensure your company experiences less downtime and loss of money. Lack of experience and improper diagnostic equipment leads to costly mistakes like unnecessary repairs and part replacement. Onsite service is extremely convenient as hauling heavy equipment could be a problem.

Done-Right Services Recommendations

Because it takes hours to perform a full system check and hydraulic diagnostic and your company certainly can’t afford the downtime, Done-Right Services suggests eliminating the possibilities with your naked eye first. Diagnostics should b done when all other possibilities are exhausted.

The breakdown could be caused by something as simple as a missing pin, a severed wire, or a closed valve. Be sure to check the oil. Your system may have no oil, the oil may foam or your system may have the wrong or contaminated oil. Try changing or flushing the oil. Replace filter or filter element and check for leaks and tighten fittings. Also, give your system sufficient warm-up time because cold oil will cause your system to operate inconsistently. If you can’t find the problem, Done-Right Services can.

Done-Right Services can find the problem!

Paying for a technician’s time for a hydraulic diagnostic if you don’t have to is bad enough but it’s nowhere near as costly as an unnecessary repair or part replacement. This would be the result of an incorrect diagnosis. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment assures a proper diagnosis the first time and our technician’s experience will verify the problem to back up the diagnosis.

A Second Opinion

Although highly recommended, you will never need a second opinion when your problem is diagnosed by Done-Right Services. If you have secured another company to diagnose and repair your hydraulic system, be sure to evaluate both the technician and his diagnosis so you don’t pay for training or mistakes. Our professional staff at Done-Right Services is fully trained before arriving at your location so you can trust your construction vehicles, heavy equipment, and fleet to them.

A Full Range of Hydraulic Diagnostics and Repairs

Done-Right Services performs a full range of hydraulic diagnostics and repairs. From the pump, motor, cylinder, lines, and valve bodies, nothing goes unseen. We also custom make lines and hoses and perform drive trains and final drive repairs.

We service commercial, industrial, automotive, & marine, fleet, booms, platforms, rail mover, heavy construction equipment, etc. Onsite welding and fabrication services, equipment, and structural welding/repairs are also available.

Scheduled and Preventative Maintenance Programs

Ask about our scheduled and preventive maintenance programs so your company can work like clockwork! We also offer onsite lube truck (Day/Night Programs), and same-day service. Yearly, Quarterly, & Monthly inspections and reports. ​

Done-Right Services covers the Windsor and Chatham, Ontario areas with 24-hour, onsite roadside assistance, diagnostics, programming, repairs, and towing services. We offer Ministry of Transportation out of service repairs (Scales & Roadside) and same-day service and are an ARI Approved vendor.

Don’t risk downtime! Contact Done Right Services today to explore their many options that could be right for your company.

Image: Jan W from Pixabay

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