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Regular Inspections Are Key to Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

Do your company’s commercial vehicles get regular inspections? Most likely not… and if not, you likely deal with constant breakdowns and unscheduled repairs. It’s just like your health. Without regular maintenance, your body would break down that will cost you your longevity and maybe your life. Similarly, vehicles that are not regularly maintained will break down when you need them. This causes downtime and costs your company a great deal of money and customer trust in the long run. Read further how scheduling Done-Right Services regular inspections can ultimately save your company on your bottom line.

What We Inspect

​Done-Right Services inspects every kind of heavy equipment and construction vehicle. Whether your company uses tractors, loaders, bunchers, harvesters, scrapers, haulers, pavers, movers, mowers, or trenchers, Done-Right Services are FIXERS! We also repair drilling machines, cranes, cold planers, draglines, electric rope shovels, hydraulic shovels, booms & platforms. We also inspect and repair everything from large fleets of trucks and buses to small company commercial vehicles.

How We Perform Inspections

We use a full range of equipment repair and diagnostics to inspect and repair your vehicles. In fact, diagnostics alone are the key to inspections and repairs. Done-Right Services uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that offers precision reports. From there, we recommend inspection plans based on the age and overall quality of your vehicles.

How Often to Get Inspections

Offering our customers either annual, quarterly, or monthly inspections and reports based on your vehicle’s needs and your budget. Our experts will diagnose and assess your vehicles to suggest the right inspection plan for you.

Done-Right Services is your 24 Hour Roadside Repair option if you need it! Call 519 796 5248 24/7 and we’ll meet you on-site for those unfortunate last-minute repairs, OR, contact us for our yearly, quarterly, or monthly inspections and reports to avoid those costly repairs! Our office number is 519 734 6488 and email Looking forward to keeping you on the road!

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